Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Any Doodles?

Any Doodles this Week?

So slow here I think we can just use the Linky in the post below.

I'm working on the animal for today.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Babysitting But Back

I was away babysitting for my sister over the weekend. Just back online tonight. Had to wait while Rogers cut off my service for an hour while they installed it downstairs for the new tenant. So glad to be changing from Rogers!

Anyway, though I am behind a couple of days, let's doodle!

Please leave your link if you have posted a doodle. I will post mine tonight too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy January...

For the January Doodle Week lets think about how those people on the other side of the planet are faring. If you are in North America you've got snow. If you are in my part of Ontario you've got buckets of the chilly white stuff. However, if you are far away and downunder you've got sunshine, not a snowflake in sight.

So for those with snow let's draw sunshine and sandy beaches and loads of flowery summer-type goodness. For those missing the snow, draw it and all it's snowy goodness.

Seven days for us to savour what the other half of the planet has.

Beginning January 24th, the plan for Doodle Week is:

Saturday - What does January look like in your corner of the world?

Sunday - Dragon. It's not year of the dragon but dragons are fun to draw.

Monday - Pick a favourite poem or quotation and write it out on a single page. Doodle all over the page, fill in the spaces as much as you can with doodles and other words as you choose.

Tuesday - Pick your favourite colour and draw yourself a bouquet with flowers mainly in that colour.

Wednesday - Draw your favourite animal.

Thursday - Doodle your dream house. What are your favourite things you would like in the house and around the yard?

Friday - What is your favourite book, movie or song? Doodle something to illustrate it.