Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Doodle Week Rules

Welcome Doodlers
Laura and I are not that keen on setting rules and laying down doodle rules. In order for this to be a lovely fun thing, some are needed. Okay they are not really rules, its more us answering FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

What is a doodle?
There is the standard definition of a doodle found here Doodle, but the thing Laura, Mo and I want is for everyone to just have fun and get creative. In the last Doodle Week there was such a wide variety of doodles that it would be unfair to be strict in the terms of what a doodle is. So if you have a piece of artwork that you would like to share that fits in with one of the themes, then feel free to play along. Hopefully this way anything from mad little stick people, crafty bits and full blown paintings will find their way into Doodle Week.

How can I doodle?
Use online drawing programs such as paint, irfanview, gimp, photoshop etc. Pencil,pen,crayon,pastel,paint to paper and scan them in. If you have no scanner photograph it and upload it that way. I would suggest trying more than one technique, push yourself :)

How do I play?
Pick a day to play and post your doodle on your blog/site that day, then come here and drop your link in the post for that day. If you don't have a blog/site then simply upload your doodle to the flickr group.

How often can I play?
You can play everyday for the whole doodle week following the daily themes. Or you can just pick and choose the themes you like. Or just pick one. Or do all them in one post. Just remember to drop your link in the right post on here, so that we know you are playing along. Basically just do what you like and have fun with it.

What are the Daily Themes?
These change every month and will be displayed at the beginning of that Doodle Week or sooner.

Where do I post my doodles?
Post them on your own blog/site as an individual post or incorporate it into one of your usual posts and the flickr group, then leave your link here on the designated day/s that you play.
New: If your a big twitter fan, you could also use 'twitpic' to show off your doodles.

Are we going to laugh at your doodles?
A few people have asked whether we would laugh at your doodles? The answer is no, unless they are funny on purpose that is.

Who runs Doodle Week?
That would be Laura, Mo and Claire, the links to our blogs can be found in the sidebar under the title of 'Doodle Masters'.

Recommended Doodle viewing?
Firstly, have a look at the first lot of Doodle Weeks doodles and see how varied they were, which you can find in the doodle week flickr group. Secondly, There are some amazing doodlers out there that are a great source of inspiration and also some great online tools to play with. So that will have to be a whole new post, if you spot any nifty site and/or tools let us know and they will be added to the sidebar link called
'Doodle Tools'

Join Flickr
Why do we keep harping on about Flickr? well Flickr is a wonderful site that you can upload your doodles and photographs. It also makes it easy to do fun things like the Doodle Galleries and makes my life a lot easier.Also the running slide show in the sidebar called 'Doodle Show' features all the doodles from the last doodle week that were uploaded to flickr.
It is free to use, unless you want to upgrade to a pro account.
For more information have a read of the Flickr help question, as they explain it a lot better than we could.
Just to make this clear, you DO NOT have to join flickr to play along, it would just be nice if you did.

Joining the Doodle Week flick group.
This gives you the opportunity to share your doodles with more than just your own blog readers.
Read the link for more information on groups
Then join our group Doodle Week Flickr Group

Uploading to Flickr
Read this section on Uploading

Tagging Doodles on flickr
What is tagging? it just means giving the doodle extra names so that its easy to find. So you tag them with "Doodle Week" and then whatever daily theme it is, making sure you include the " " either side. Also in the description section remember to add a link to your blog, I just copy and pasted my blog post url.
For more information read here: Tagging on flickr.

Sending Doodle to the flickr group
Once you have uploaded your photos to flickr and tagged them. You then need to send them to the doodle week flickr group. You do this by reading this 'sending to group'

Does this answer all your questions? Still confused by anything?
ASK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

No Yankee Doodle Dandies? ....... cowboys wearing powdered wigs and sporting pince-nez would have been soooo cool - or is just me?

Carol said...

I think you covered everything thoroughly. Are you going to analyze our doodles? LOL Only 5 days until doodle kickoff. I need to get doodling.

Claire said...

@daddy papersurfer, If you can doodle that then I don't see why not. I think it would be very cool :)

@carol, If they are intriguing I might :)

and I definitely need to get started!

Laura said...

Staring already? I only doodle on the day of the doodle. If I actually planned it I'd fuss endlessly and post it about a week late. :)

Mo said...

Rules? I laugh at your rules!

Bwahahahahahaahaha Har!

And since you're both of the XX persuasion, wouldn't y'all be Doodle Mistresses instead of Doodle Masters?

Jamie said...

Just joined flickr and the doodle week group. Also uploaded first doodle (name in group is shown as jessied44). If there is anything else I should do before MOnday, let me know.


Shirley said...

LOL Your Doodles are awesome! I'll have to participate in a few days! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Da Old Man said...

I'm so excited. I need to evil up my evil doodle, though. I posted it today, so I can get some doodle tips from visitors.

Claire said...

@laura, Starting for me is just thinking about it :)

I am messing about with Olga at the mo, so not much time! heh.

@Mo, I don't know, I just preferred Master, I might change it :)

any more trouble and you will be barred young man!

@Jamie, You get an A+ for being a super good doodler :)

@Shirley welcome on board :)

@Da Old Man, I am excited, that you are so excited :)

Hopefully the tips you are getting help out, if not let me know :)

Caroline said...

Ooooh.. I am in again! I had so much fun last time.

Chica said...

I'm so in, I can't guarantee greatness, as you are the doodle queen, but I will achieve something.. haha.

Claire said...

@Caroline and Chica, welcome on board the doodle train, woot woot!


dale said...

I'll be sportin' me doodle ;-)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

okay red, i am totally playing. i've started and i can't stop...

smiles, bee

Mo said...

Well, Doodle Masters, if you haven't Doodle-Banned me yet, you'll be pleased to know that the Manic Monday post for 7/14 is up and it's all bugged out!

Stella said...

Can we use ratemydrawings?
You draw online, the you put the embed code and everyone can watch how do you do it!

It will be fun!

Note: I won't participate, Brownie ask for it, so I'm asking you

rkdsign88 said...

Wow sounds fun:)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

no. how do i get on the blogroll red??? callieann says i need to be on the blogroll.

smiles, bee

Claire said...

@Dale, exposing yourself again eh :)

@bee, Hooray I think yours will be very popular :)

@Mo, that was buggy! excellent job :)

@Stella, that sounds cool, I am looking forward to seeing that :)

I may have a whirl myself. I will find the link and add it to the 'doodle tools' section in the sidebar.

@RKD, Cool I hope you play along :)

@bee, no blogroll for you yet, I update it after we have started playing but you will be there soon!

crazy working mom said...

Good luck, Doodlers! :)

Jamie said...

Does Durward Discussion get added to the blogroll sometime before Monday?

Roger said...

Talk about whores for Flickr lol! And I thought I had a lot of rules for Creative Photography I am going to join in Doodle Week but I wont get a flicker account sorry I already have a couple of image places.

Margaret said...

My doodles are at http://eyespi20.com

This is FUN! Thanks for organizing it!

rkdsign88 said...

All right I just join the doodle in flickr & upload one bug drawing, hopefully I'm not to late. Great bugs everybody :)

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