Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If you would like a theme for Doodle Week

Hey guys if you are playing along drop your link here so I can keep tabs on who to visit.
I have come up with a theme for everyday that you can use or feel free to totally ignore!

May 8th - Doodle You,
try your hand at doodling yourself. From a stick person to whatever you think represents you. This is also a good place to incorporate your name and/or Blog title, as a fellow doodler pointed out.
May 9th - Doodle Monster,
I had many a little monster I use to doodle as a kid. Some of these have evolved into rather bizarre looking creatures. What is hiding in your cupboard or under the bed?
May 10th - Doodle Animal,
Do you have a animal that you have always doodled?
May 11th - Doodle Flower/Plant
I have amended this to include all plants so that you are not just limited to flowers.
May 12th - Doodle Phone book scribble/Day dreaming scribble,
I think this is when I get really doodly, normally its while I am sat in class and then cant make sense of my notes because I have doodled all over them.
May 13th - Doodle Abstract
Swirls, patterns,whatever abstract means to you.
May 14th - Doodle Mad
This could be Mad Angry, Mad Loony or just Mad as in loads of doodles :)

Also I will be adding a post with Mr Linkies widget every day of Doodle week, so make sure you come back and drop your link on the day that you are playing. I have also added them on the relevant posts over at my blog (A little piece of me), so if you comment over there feel free to leave your link there as well.

Any questions or suggestions ?


littleredplanet said...

WOW! Like a dream come true. I am a compulsive doodler AND coupled with long meetings most days equals reams of doodles. I'll work on the daily theme each day as I sit in more boring meetings ;-)


little red planet

crpitt said...

That is cool Dale, looking forward to seeing your doodles :)

Ginger M. said...

The themes are a good. When I'm bored I like to doodle flowers. I can't promise I'd do it everyday (I'll most probably be away next week), but I think I'll attempt at least two other themes on the list. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, you'd better not laugh at my doodles or I'll get pissed!!!

crpitt said...

@Ginger, I didn't spend very long thinking up the themes so if anyone has any other suggestions?

I look forward to whatever you doodle :)

@random one, I will not laugh, well you wont see me laugh anyway :)

Cheers guys for playing along!

Akelamalu said...

Right missy just so you won't torment me I've done two doodles already so I'll email them to you but if you laugh I'm not playing anymore. :(

Mo and The Purries said...

Can you add Purrchance To Dream (http://daphnex.blogspot.com) and It's A Blog Eat Blog World (http://morgenfiles.blogspot.com) to your Doodle Week list?

For next week's Manic Monday - sneak peek here for Doodlers! - the word will be "doodle" --- so on Manic Monday May 12th, we should have lots of blogging doodlers participating!

doodle mo

crpitt said...

@akelamalu, I love them and I appreciate you playing along!


@Mo, they will be up shortly! A big fat kiss is heading your way :)

Moki The Wobbly Cat said...

We have our first doodle set up to publish at midnight tonight!