Friday, September 12, 2008

Doodle Week Theme: Friday = Envy

The sixth of September's Seven Deadly Sins is Envy.
This will be our Doodle Word for Friday, September 26th.

From Wikipedia:
"Like greed, envy may be characterized by an insatiable desire; they differ, however, for two main reasons. First, greed is largely associated with material goods, whereas envy may apply more generally. Second, those who commit the sin of envy resent that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it. Dante defined this as "love of one's own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs." In Dante's Purgatory, the punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn shut with wire, because they have gained sinful pleasure from seeing others brought low. Aquinas described envy as "sorrow for another's good"


Marilyn said...

Andy likes to read the obituaries in the hopes that our sign competitors might be there. I guess that would be envy, but at least he's just reading the obituary... not thinking about causing it.