Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Doodle Week

February should be a fun doodle week. February 22 - 27th.

Romance and flowers. What is February and Valentines Day without flowers. Even in places which are up to their eyeballs in snow the grocery stores are already selling the forced blooms of Spring.

1. Tulips. My favourite of the forced bulbs for Spring.

2. Daisies. The sweet and cute flower for the softly romantic.

3. Roses. For the traditional romantics.

4. Ladybugs. What makes them such a cute and romantic insect anyway?

5. Hearts, draw them in a design. Go wild or romantic.

6. Draw your own Valentine. A Valentine you really can send to someone special.

7. Kissing! Whether you draw two people or two lips, find a way to doodle a kiss.


Mo said...

Awesome. I will be more involved in this Doodle Week, I promise!

Anonymous said...

me too! i can hardly wait to get this doodle on!

Rina said...

Time to doodle again ... and again ... and again! :)

WillThink4Wine said...

I'm putting my Doodling Cap on!

WillThink4Wine said...

PS. It would help if the Mister Linky went up at midnight so I'd know who else is playing that day.

Laura said...

I don't like Mr Linky. How is it better than just leaving comments? Can't we just do that when your doodle is up you just leave a comment on that day's post? Doesn't need to be a long comment, just "mine's up".

I don't like how Linky disappears and takes everyone away with it. :(

Glad to have you all in Doodle Week. I think my mistake was in not posting it early like this.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

We are going to do this Doodle week!! We got so busy we couldn't keep up! We love to doodle!
Your FL furiends,

Claire said...

I don't like Mr Linky either any more, I think its looks meh.

The mum has been a pain in the arse and gone into hospital again but hopefully she wont be in toooo long and I can play!

I like the look of this doodle contest too, whilst I remember it

Laura said...

Hey Claire. I read about your Mom but had a computer melt down while I was leaving a comment.

Will be glad to have you back for Doodle Week. Let's see your romantic side. :D

Mohan Kumar D said...

Nice here is my 5 *****stars to you

MiJa said...

Found your blog thru Doodlage, and this sounds like fun!

VampAmber said...

I'm actually going to remember to do Doodle Week this time. *crosses her fingers, though, just in case* I'm going to start doing the doodles either today or tomorrow, that way I'll have plenty of time to threaten my friend's life for use of the campus scanners. ^_^

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