Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Round Doodling Contest!

RaShell over at doodlage is running an cool competition, which involves doodling with a twist.
I suppose I should say it actually involves a curve not a twist, because the doodling is to be on a Cd.
If you don't actually want to doodle on a blank Cd, I have found this blank template for you to use.
Just right click it and save it to your computer. Then you can either print it out and hand doodle or just keep it on your computer and doodle using a computer program.
So how do you play?
Firstly photograph,scan, upload your doodle.
    • Post it on your blog then email it to RaShell here : Doodlage
    • Or post it on your blog and leave a comment on: This Post.
    • Post it to the CDoodles flickr group: CDoodles
The prize is a doodled on rock which, when you see RaShell's blog, are cool!
Competition Closes August 12th!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Cool stuff. While I am out trimming my rhodies today I will be thinking of what to put on that shape. BTW, thanks for always thinking ahead and supplying the template. You are such a sweetie!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Is it just me or does that template look like a giant boob? Probably just me....

Anonymous said...

Olga control yourself! Altho I do see the resemblance now that you mention it.

I'm don't know if I can doodle anything good for this one. This will be tough....

Caroline said...

what a fun idea

Kelly Ann said...

I'm really diggin the idea of a nail on the cd itself. I may just hop on the round train here. Make some room. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Olga, this one is especially for you and your friend Claire:

crpitt said...

Thanks guys for playing along the boob, I mean the round doodling contest!!!

Chica your a fast worker!

Olga, yes a bit.

Petra, no encouraging Olga!

Caroline, jump on board.

Carol, Not sure what method I am going to use yet :)

raShell, That is awesome!!!!!!

Laura Brown said...

The boobie contest/ event is coming. It's not especially doodlicious though.

crpitt said...

Hooray for boobies! erm I mean doodles :)

Black Cat said...

Can't think why I haven't seen this post before today (probably because I'm behind as usual) but what a great idea! I don't think my humble "skills" are up to this but I may have a go, specially as you have kindly provided a template:)