Friday, June 27, 2008

Link List is a Bit Down for Repairs

Claire brought a new look for Doodle Week's blog. Thanks Claire and Chica.

Meanwhile we are working on getting the link list back up. It vanished with the template change. We need a better plan so it can be saved on the web and not lost again. I am thinking Blogrolling but wonder if there is something else new and better by now. Always seems to be some new social bookmarking/ network/ type thing coming along.

Update from Claire: I am using BlogRolling for the link list. Also I am only including the doodlers that played along more than once and/or promoted it some way. Only because it has been easier for me to find the links for your sites at this moment in time. If I have left you off let me know in the comments.

Update from Claire again: Laura and I are working on a Doodle Week Rule and FAQ post, so feel free to ask whatever in the comment section here and hopefully we can address it there.

Laura: We have rules? :D

Claire: Yes damn it! Remember the one were everyone worships me! :D

Update from Claire: Doodlers! any more questions about Doodle Week? It doesn't matter if it seems daft.


Jenn Thorson said...

Looks sharp-- I love the color scheme. Very cheerful.

Melissa said...

Gorg! I am currently in the throes of trying to move to a new template so I feel your pain. Why couldn't I have been born geek-smart? It would make this crap so much easier.

Carol said...

Looks great you guys! Can't wait for the next doodle week. I hope I get in the Blogrolling list since I only did two doodles. I did promote on my blog too, so maybe that gives me season tickets or something. I have to go buy some Depends now...

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout! I'm excited about the upcoming Doodlefest!!

Stifler said...

Wow, it looks BYOOTIFOOL!

And I'll participate in doodleweek this time on my blog

(you touch my face and then click my blog, "Desde la madriguera de Stifler" and then you see ;)

Stifler said...

I saw me ''in da mosaics'' they hate me!!! OMG!

Maybe I won't participate in the Flickr group, remember my account is NOT a pro and we can't pay frum here :( my photos are dissappearing :-o

Can someone halp me?!

Da Old Man said...

Ok, I doodled something. Gawd, that sounds dirty, too. I humbly apologize. I drew something. It's incredibly lame, and pretty stupid, which is downright amazing for a man of my limited talents.
Do you accept badly drawn sick figures? I don't expect to win anything, but would love the honor of just being a part of the extravaganza. I'll even report/support it on my blog, whether I'm accepted or not, because hey, it's just as funny if you tell me to kiss off.

Claire said...

@Jenn, Colour scheme was all down to chica, she is mucho talented :)

@Melissa, I feel your pain more, I had hardly anything to do at all with this update, Thank god!

@carol, whoops I have added you of course! :)

@Kelly, Glad you like it! Looking forward to seeing your doodles! :)

@stifler, Cool and I am happy that you are playing again. I have no idea why they didn't show up when I did the mosaics, it certainly confused me. Upload them to flickr anyway and will see if I can solve the mystery :)

@da old man, Joe of course you are going to be included, there are no prizes and its all for fun! I cant wait to see your stick figure! I am hoping it will be rude :)

Mo said...

Rules? I laugh at your rules!
Mwauhahahahahah Har!
Don't stifle my doodliocity with your rules!

Oh, I love the new template by the way! Definitely doodlicious!

Laura said...

@Stifler - All you can do is open a second free account. Set up another through Yahoo (another email address).

crazy working mom said...

I ♥ the template. :)

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

Wow, love the new template - bright and fun to perfectly describe Doodle Week.

I'm going to take part this time round, on my personal blog... I am not a good artist, so this should be fun.

Claire said...

@crazy working mom, thank you :)

@catherine, Thanks very much and I am looking forward to your doodles :)

Callie Ann said...

I wanna be in Doodleville with all yall... count me in!

Claire said...

@callie ann, Doodleville welcomes you :)