Monday, November 24, 2008

Doodle Week November Starts Today!

This Doodle Week we have some mixed themes.

Monday - Draw a poppy for Rememberance Day/ Memorial Day.

Tuesday - Winter. Time for the season of snow (in some parts of the world).

Wednesday - Snowflakes. Draw a whole blizzard if you get inspired.

Thursday - Holiday stress. However you feel it, whatever your holiday.

Friday - Turkey Day. Thanksgiving in the US. Give a turkey a doodle and he'll roast in the oven just like the rest of them. ;)

Saturday - Which of the 5 senses is your favourite and show us why in a doodle.

Sunday - What sense or ability do you wish you had. Doodle it!

Happy doodling.


Nona said...

Ahhhh! My scanner is currently out of action and I can't doodle worth a doodle doo in my paint program. (I tried)

Laura said...

Mine won't be up until tomorrow either. :(

Francis Scudellari said...

Oops ... I missed the first day. I'll get at least a couple up this week though :).

haleyhughes said...

I'm playing this time. My first two doodles are posted. Where's everyone else?

Carol said...

I need some rulez. How does Doodle Week work, exactly? Is every week Doodle Week? Can you participate in only one or two of the days and still be a player? Anything else I need to know if I want to participate?

haleyhughes said...

Hi Carol. Doodle Week is once a month, usually toward the end of the month. You don't have to participate every day. You can just choose one or more days, if you like.

Here's the rules:

(Laura, maybe you can make that post sticky somehow?)

Laura said...

It's already right on top of the sidebar.

austin said...

I'm a huge doodler. When will December's doodles start?
I'll have to link to you to remember to come back.


Claire said...

I was Ill this past Doodle Week, so was a rubbish doodler again!

I have set up a twitter profile for doodle week, so if your a twitterer please follow us :)

As its an excellent way to keep people posted on whats going on.

I will do a new post soon, once I have consulted fellow doodle masters :)

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