Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Is...

I know not everyone has the same beliefs (or any) about Christmas but think of the month of December as the holiday season then think of the things you would like to doodle. Can you come up with a list of top five favourites? Add them to comments on this post.

Mine are: Christmas trees, Christmas trees and more Christmas trees. But I can make room for snowflakes, lights, gingerbread people and houses and snow people. You can always consider candy canes and snow angels too, those should be simple to draw if you just want to have fun.

Doodle Week December - December 22 to December 28th


Mo said...

Christmas trees, snowflakes, lights, gingerbread, and snow people.
Those sound awesome to me!

Thanks, Laura, for the work on the template - looks great!

Da Old Man said...

I watched enough Bob Ross that I can probably doodle a Cristmas tree.

I vote for trees. :)

Kelly said...

Snowmen! Ornaments, Christmas trees, angels. And a menorah. Because I think they're cool. :)

Laura said...

I thought of angels afterwards. They are nice to draw too. :) I'm away for my birthday but will be back by Monday or before. I will get the list of seven posted then.

Tony Hogan said...

A surfing santa,

A vegetarian BBQ

A sleigh pulled by kangaroos

A Christmas tree used as a beach umbrella

Someone whistling a Bing Crosby tune

Anok said...

Reindeer! You need reindeer! And someone has to be drunk on eggnog. That's all I have to contribute :D

Claire said...

I like the angel, tree, reindeer and alternative Christmas setting suggestions :)

Chrissy said...

Santa and snow people :)

timethief said...

(1) a bonfire (yule log)
(2) a wishes tree (The wishes tree has only white lights and no decorations or presents. On Winter Solstice when people arrive they write a wish for their community and for the world on a 3" x 5" inch card and nest it into the evergreen branches. Before they leave each person selects a wish and then reads it out loud to all who are gathered and takes the wish home with them. )
(3) candles and sparkles
(4) pine cones
(5) holly
(6) mugs of eggnog

Kelly said...

@timethief OMG, I LOVE the wishes tree. I think I need to put one of those up. I have a spare tree.