Friday, December 19, 2008

December Doodle Week Is Coming!

Our December Doodle Week starts on Monday the 22nd and goes thru Sunday the 28th!
Hope you can join us for some doodlerriffic fun!
Over in the sidebar are some links to help you Doodle if you've never done so before (everyone is welcome to join us for Doodling!), and here's a link to a post that I did on How To Doodle with Paint on your PC.

Here's our theme words for the week:
Monday ~ trees
Tuesday ~ candy canes
Wednesday ~ gingerbread
Thursday ~ angels
Friday ~ snow people
Saturday ~ holiday beach vacation!
Sunday ~ snowflakes

Monday is also "tree" day for Manic Monday, so you can combine a post, if you want!
Two memes in one - now is that a holiday treat or what?!?
Happy Holidays from your Doodle Crew,
Mo, Claire, and Laura