Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Using Twitter Instead of Linkies?

Some people just love Mr Linkies and some people just... don't. 

How would it be to use Twitter as an alternative? Is anyone not on Twitter? I resisted for about a year but ended up there. 

I think making a post to Twitter would be a better option to using Linkies in the blog. I could set up a Twitter account just for Doodle Week and only let those who participate follow that account. We can cross post to each other and follow to each blog or Flickr as you post a doodle. 

One big benefit as I see it, is that it won't disappear as Linkies have done. Also, if I moderate who joins/ follows I won't have to moderate it beyond that. 

Is anyone not on Twitter or violently against the idea?

Update: Claire (I think) already set up Doodle Week on Twitter. Follow along if you please.