Monday, May 12, 2008

Doodle Daydream

Welcome to Day Five of Doodle Week!
Today its Doodle Daydream!
When you doodle in work, school, college, bed, on the phone, watching tv, sat on the loo, anything to escape boredom or doing real work.

If you manage to fit in a doodle of a cat in today's doodle, then go over to Mo's site and drop your link!
Click here -----------> Manic Monday.

For those that are not doodling daily just add you link to the theme you think your doodle fits into the best, you have all week to do it.


Claire said...

I doodles what was on my mind today and also included what was on my mind the other day in college :)

franscud said...

My daydream doodle is posted. It's not very recognizable, but I included a handy explanation.

Elise O. said...

Daydream post is finished... I just scanned some of my school notes and posted them. I have 13 images. =)

My first one has several cats, so I posted my link on Manic Monday too!

Stine said...

Daydream pussycat - for Morgen... And the egg has been outed.
Mother's Got a Dot Com (Sorry, but only my Blogger blog will be allowed on this comment box...)

RaShell said...

I'm back with a doodle. It's my "signature" eyes again :)

Ginger M said...

A little late than usual but POSTED! :p

jennifer said...

Day FIVE?!! I missed this. I haven't run into any doodlers in Blogland until today and I didn't realize what you had going on.

I am a BIG TIME doodler. Any time I am near paper and pen, you better believe that there are some swirly doo's a happening. I would have loved this.

If you ever do any other Doodle-Fest activities, I hope you'll let me know about it. Too late now, but it sure sounds like it was fun.