Sunday, May 11, 2008

Doodle Flower

Welcome to Day Four of Doodle Week!
Today the theme is
but I changed it to Doodle Flower/Plant so that you could be even more creative if you wanted. I couldn't make the badge look nice with the extra words so left it as Doodle Flower.
If you are playing today please drop your link below
Also If you have a Flickr account upload your doodles to the Doodle Week Flickr group, If not I will add it for you! email me or leave me a comment over at my blog if you don't see your doodle on the flickr site.
For those that are not doodling daily just add you link to the theme you think your doodle fits into the best, you have all week to do it.


Lycobus said...

Whew, it's hard to keep up with time over the Pond!!! It is yet a Saturday afternoon here.

Anyhow, I Doodled something I have in my Garden.

Happy "Sunday" you crazy kid!

Elise O. said...

Posted! Mother's Day Flowers. :)

franscud said...

I'm up late into the night so I can get my flower done.

Stine said...

Doodle soon done!

ettarose said...

claire, I am sorry, posted all at once. You are a nut girl. Love

Roger said...

Hey I am back my post will be up in just a few.

Thriftcriminal said...

Bob the angry flower, wooo hooo!

singapore florist said...

nice art.