Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thank You: Doodle Week Spring 2008

Extra thanks to Claire. It wouldn't have been half as much fun if you hadn't been here and shared your enthusiasm, fun and doodlings. So often an idea starts but kind of fizzles out. You made Doodle Week come alive, from an idea to an event.

Thanks to everyone who did a doodle or two and those who doodled along with us all week. Thanks for comments left in my own blog and each of the doodlers you visited along the way.

Hope you all enjoyed the week and maybe found out that you really can draw after all.

Please make sure you are included in the blog list. Save me from feeling like a jerk for missing someone later.

Don't stop doodling!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting us! Claire, she's stolen your boobs!!

I'm going to doodle Max with a fork in his forehead now ;)

Ginger M said...

Thank you for starting this Claire and Laura! I had a lot of fun all week long plus the best part is I made a lot of new friends! Yay! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait til next year's Doodle Week!!

And yeah... I'm keeping up the doodling for sure!

Theresa said...

I discovered the two main doodle blogs (including this one) this month. If I don't have a blog, where can I post my doodles? Here, in the comments maybe?


Jane @ Kidzarama said...

I love the ideas of this, but I only found out about it today, the 18th!

Will you be running it again?
Pretty please?

Claire said...

I have only just noticed Laura stole my boobs in that doodle!!!!!

Thanks to Alison, ginger m, Kelly I have my thinking cap on for the next doodle challenge.

@Theresa, Do you have a flickr account or other site that you upload photographs?

@Jane, me and Laura will definitely be doing something else this year, just not sure what and when but keep checking back for updates :)

Theresa said...

Hi Claire :)

I checked, turns out my photobucket account is still active :). Plus now that Flickr and Yahoo are related I have space there too.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Claire said...

@theresa that's great news, I am under the weather at the moment so haven't done any round up posts, so if you do any doodles in the next few days I will add them to the ones already doodled :)

Anonymous said...

how does one add herself to the bloglist? and which list? :P