Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quick doodle update!

Tomorrows Doodle theme is Doodle Daydream, which means anything from what you would doodle in work, on the phone, watching or just bored.
Another meme has collobrated with us to include doodling, so thats mean more folks doodling! yay.
The meme is Manic Monday
run by Mo, who many of the cat bloggers will know and love.
Here is what he is doing:

Manic Monday this week:
For every blog that posts a Doodle of a CAT
AND leaves their linky here on this post:
I will donate 50¢
to Cat Friends Helping Friends!

So if you manage to fit in a doodle of a cat in tomorrows doodle, then go over to Mo's site and drop your link!
Click here -----------> Manic Monday.

Toodles till your next doodles.


Mo said...

Thanks for posting this Claire!