Saturday, May 24, 2008

Doodle Monster Gallery

This mosaic thingie features all the doodles that fit into the 'Doodle Monster' Category. I apologise for the loss of arms,legs,tentacles, it was the mosaic makers fault. If you don't see your doodle in this gallery it will probably be in the next one, as mosaic maker only lets you do 36.

Click this bad boy gallery to make it go LARGE!

Doodle Monster Gallery
Visit the gallery on flickr to see the doodles individually and find out who doodle what.
Doodle Monster Gallery

For some reason the mosaic maker doesn't like Hanna's doodles so the black square is actually this guy :)



BillyWarhol said...

Those are Great I love em all!!


I will check it out on Flickr*

Claire said...

Thanks Billy :)

Tolla said...

Good words.