Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Doodle Flower Gallery

Tis the Doodle Flower Gallery at last!
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Doodle Flower Gallery

This fella is meant to be in the green square but the mosiac maker still hates him.
Stifler dressed as a flower

Doodle Week Participants
1. Claire
2. Lycobus
3. Stifler
4. Kimo & Sabi
5. Elise\'s Pieces
6. Mark
7. Laura
8. Francis Scudellari
9. Zoolatry
10. Stine
11. Shearyadi
12. Kelly
13. Ginger M.
14. ettarose
15. Idaho Daily Photo
16. Camie\'s Kitties
17. Alison
18. Thriftcriminal
19. Caroline
20. DrowseyMonkey
21. dale
22. Purrchance To Dream: Doodle Cats
23. The Beacon
24. Zoe
25. sammawow
26. Melissa

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Mo said...

I love it that my bouquet of cattails is in there with the flowers! Thanks!

Claire said...

Hey I loved that one Mo :)

Claire said...

will the cat folk be playing along do you think?

Stifler said...


How do you hate an adorable hammie? :o3