Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Evil, Wicked and Downright Nasty

What about some kind of dark humour? I suggest a doodle theme for dark, black, evil, wickedness. Something like killing off that jerk who.... (interrupted you, bumped into you and didn't say sorry, wouldn't let you use your coupon... etc.) Lets do a theme on day this coming Doodle Week for Stick Figure Death Scenes. Or, something like that.


Claire said...

I love this idea!

Doodle Evil has been born :)

Laura said...


Da Old Man said...

I have a doodle related question. I have never done a doodle page worthy doodle, but I would like to try.
Is the best way to do it traditionally free hand, and upload my "work," or to try to use the paint program on my puter?

I'm sure it will suck either way, but someone has to be the worst, may as well be me.

Mo said...

An evil doodle day is great.
What about a Christmas in July day?

Claire said...

@ da old man, I do both. Do what ever you will enjoy the most.

All abilities joined in on the last one and the ones that thought they would hate it have continued to doodle.

Have a go at both :) If you don't have a scanner, photograph it and upload it that way.

Thanks for asking a question!

@Mo, I would say that is awesometriffic idea but what if we are planning a doodle christmas day? hmmmmmmmm.

Claire said...

Although you could fit anything into the vacation theme?

Bird said...

OOooooooh YES! Some stupid questions:-

1/can I play?

2/where do I send my doodle? (BIG apologies if the answer is written somewhere obvious that I overlooked)

Claire said...

@bird, of course you can play!

You can post it on your blog and email it to me or just email it to me. Do you have a flickr account?

You can play every day with the daily themes that we are deciding at the moment, or whenever it takes you fancy.

Mo said...

Don't forget Doodle Cat Day!
(or at the very least Doodle animals...)

And Claire & Laura: when do we get Doodle Ads to put into our sidebars to let the doodleheads know that Doodle Week is returning?

Kim said...

great idea for a theme Laura :)

Claire said...

@mo how about Doodle Pet?

What type of badges do you want?

m.Go said...

when doodle week starts... can anyone join? (ehehehe like me..)

haleyhughes said...

I LOVE the idea of an evil doodle. Can't wait to explore my dark side.

And for those who didn't join the last doodle week, don't worry at all about talent and drawing ability. It's a doodle, which implies there is no special skill involved. Trust me on this one. I wouldn't play if I were being graded on artistic ability. :)

Claire said...

@m.go, hey thanks for commenting, the next one is the 14th-20th of july and of course you can play along :)

@Hayley, thanks for that comment Hayley you summed it up perfectly :)

I cant wait to see you evil doodle :)

Claire said...

Just one more theme to pick!

Knock your heads together :)