Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Doodle Week Badges

Doodle Week July

To link to Doodle Week, copy and paste the code below into your site.

Okay here is whirl one at a badge and code!
Let me know what you think and what sizes etc you would like for your blogs.

Also if anyone else wants to have a go at designing some badges and banners, please do!
Either for the whole event or the daily themes or both.

PS: Thanks to Roger from Idaho Daily Photo for providing me with the code to do the linky box.

Also the new folk just finding out about Doodle Week, this is open to anyone and if you have any questions at all please leave a comment.



Laura said...

Could you add a link to the Flickr group too? Maybe a bit of text under the graphic or a second graphic just under it? I'd like to get that included too so everyone can see our greatness.

Laura said...

Thank you claire.

ê¿ê said...

Added the banner to my website.

Hope to play this time. Wanted to last time and just missed out.


Claire said...

I think we need to work on a rules post too and then really explain a bit more about the flickr group, what do you reckon?

Claire said...

@e?e, I couldn't do an upside down ?, but it would be cool if you played along this time :)

Mo said...

I just did a post promoting the up-coming Doodle Week at It's A Blog Eat Blog World - since July 14th is a Monday... we'll make that day's Manic Monday word "bug" okay?

Claire said...

Mo, you are awesometriffic :)

Thank you!

sue said...

i'd like to find out more about how to play, etc, since i just found out about your blog

Claire said...

Hey sue, I am working on a rule post to explains things more clearly, but basically it goes something like this:

Doodle Week is running from 14th - 20th of July, if you decide to doodle in that week then drop your link here on the post for that day.

Each day has been set a theme which you can follow.

*Some people just doodle once.
*Some people doodle every day following the themes.
*Some people do all the themes in one big post.

All are totally cool :)

Once you have dropped a link, have a look round at everyone else's and be totally surprised at how different everyone's doodles are.

Uploading your doodle to flickr and joining the group is encouraged!

Its totally up to you what a doodle is. Its really just about people being creative and most of all having fun :)

Mo said...

The purries from Purrchance To Dream are promoting Doodle Week today, so we'll get lots & lots of Cat Bloggers to participate again!!!!

Millionminds said...

very interesting site, I would like to join..:)

Elle said...

I've snatched the badge up, and I want to participate. This will be fun -- Maxwell may doodle as well. He does awesome mean dragons and evil stuff.

Claire said...

@Mo, excellent! The cat bloggers were an awesome part of the doodle week :)

@millionminds, Cool, I look forward to seeing your doodles :)

@elle, woot! and I absolutely love dragons, so I hope Max does :)

Carol said...

Just put the badge on Pentimento blog! http://mywebduck.typepad.com/pentimento/

Claire said...

@carol, Thanks for doing that Carol :)

Jamie said...

Doodle week will be a joint project on my site as the son will be doodling and I will be writing.

Claire said...

@jamie, Ohhhhhh that sounds exciting :)

Marilyn said...

I'm going to play but I'll be away that week so I'm putting each of the themes in future post for the day of the theme. I don't really mind if I'm not linked up since I won't be around to link myself up, but I thought somebody might want to know I'm playing. I'll add your badge to my blog sometime this week.

Claire said...

Hey marilyn :)

Thanks for playing along, I will try and remember to add your link for you :)

Odat said...

I saw this at Mo's and want in...even tho i'm a doodle virgin! :d


Claire said...

Excellent, welcome to the world of doodling Odat :)