Thursday, June 19, 2008

One more theme to pick..

Hello Doodlers and potential doodlers.
Thank you for helping to pick out the next lot of themes, there are some great ideas and we only need one more to have a week's worth! So far we have :

Doodle Bug
Doodle Outerspace
Doodle Garden
Doodle Vacation
Doodle Evil
Doodle Pet

What shall be the last one?
Its Doodle Body!

Next item on Today's agenda
Do you want badges,banners etc to put on your blogs? If so what would you like?
See post above this one.

During what is left of this week I shall be finishing off the rest of the first Doodle Week's Galleries and thinking about a rules/information post.

Any Questions?


haleyhughes said...

What about Doodle Freestyle? Let your imagination go wild. Or is that too free-form?

Laura said...

Badges please!

I just found my books about using Paint Shop Pro and Dreamweaver. I will start making some graphics too. The camera and scanner have been fine but I'd like to try more.

How about a doodle freestyle where the focus isn't on the doodle but on the production? For instance, those who usually draw and scan it should try to create something with software instead. Maybe not do-able for everyone. But mostly everyone should have access to more than just one method of creating a doodle for the blog/ site. If you usually use the scanner try taking a digi picture of your doodle instead. Or the software for Gimp and such are free.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Doodle Faces? I think most of mine is kind of freestyle and I just force it into categories. :)

Claire said...

Hmmm how about for those that want to, each day they try two different styles.

That's what I tried to do last Doodle Week, using a mixture of online doodling and traditional pen to paper.

I think a 'How did you do that' kind of thing would be cool as well.

I agree that quite a few folks do freestyle anyways.

I like the Doodle Face idea.

More Input is needed!


franscud said...

The first thing that crossed my mind was Doodle Anatomy, which could be faces or hands or feet or whatever.

I like doodle freestyle too ... maybe doodlers could even try to mimic the styles of other participants.

As to badges ... yes, I want them :).

Mo said...

I would like a "coming soon - doodle week" with the dates to put in my sidebar.

And a doodle freestyle or doodle stream of consciousness would be cool.
A doodler's doodle!

Claire said...

Hey dudes, I think I will go with Doodle Body, but I hope lots of people do freestyle stuff too :)

I will definitely be fitting in Mo's Doodle Stream of concious into one of my themes too.

Mo said...

You want to do Doodle Body just so you can highlight your Doodle Breasts, Claire!!!!


Claire said...

@mo, you have ruined the surprise now :(

lmao :)

Carol said...

Thank you so much for doing all this work Claire. It is so much fun for all of us and much appreciated. :)

Claire said...

@Carol, Don't forget Laura too :)

We have had a great time doing it :)